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Fall 2016
I hope everyone has enjoyed and are enjoying their summer! It always goes way too fast!

Lesson's begin Tuesday, September 6th 2016.
All forms needed for fall 2016 are available for printing under forms. (I will bring copies first day)

I'm looking forward to seeing everybody this fall to continue your musical education. I'm so proud of everybody's hard work last year. 
I'm also looking forward to meeting all the new students starting this fall.
For FALL 2016; All evening slots are full.There are limited spots however during the day and morning. If your home schooled or have days off during the week ; there are some day spots available.
Call or hit the ''Contact Me" Tab if you need a spot or are considering starting.
Students wanting lessons for the evening FALL 2017 should call or go to the "contact me" tab. For best placement call or hit the "contact me" tab as soon as possible to be placed on the wait list for FALL 2017.
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My vision and work
I concentrate on complete music instruction, composition and recording for experts and beginners. Including:
  • Guitar (Acoustic, Electric and Classical)
  • Bass Guitar (Acoustic or Electric)
  • Piano  (Keyboard, Acoustic Upright)
  • Trumpet
  • Drums
  • Music Theory
  • Song Compostion 
  • Digital Recording (DAW) 
  • Line 6 with Propellerhead Record & Reason
I teach students so they have the ability to learn all the aspects of music. A full understanding; so they have a knowledge of how music is made, played and enjoyed! I also give you training in any specific area you may want. Want to learn to write and record music? I incorporate this in our lessons, so you have a complete understanding of music. Theory (understanding), playing and creating are where I also focus. 
Do you want to do your Royal Conservatory exams? I can help get them completed. Remember; at certain levels you receive high school credits.
I'm here to teach you what you want! Full complete instruction and specified training.
Musical Styles include: Classical, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Contemporary and Worship.
Please call (204) 996 2366 for prices and class availability for the coming year. If your interested in a spot for the 2016-2017 year; contact me to be placed on the wait list. You can do this through the "Contact Me" link on the left.
Current Students and Parents
Please go to the "Students & Parents Blog" to all recent activity, directions and reminders. This is updated every week, so you should keep updated by bookmarking this page and checking it routinely.
Forms are available for download to the left: Scheduled Dates, Practise Sheets, Application forms, Missed lesson forms, Deposit/Contract forms and Tax forms.
Excercise sheets that will be used during the lessons are also available to the left. I will direct you during the lesson what is needed.
Sheet Music is also downloadable on the Left. It will be updated on a regular basis.
Links to some fun online games are available to the left; just click on the link and wait till the games loads. No downloads necessary.
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